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Brand identity is not about finding the right logo ,it is a whole process of building a meaningful narrative with visuals in order to create a personality for the brand and unforgettable experiences. I found branding a very interesting specialty. I think it is very powerful
how branding could affect any business and leave a specific image in people’s minds. Nowadays, branding becomes even more powerful and needed than ever before. This is due to the rising role of social media and the presence of the marketplace competition that make any business in need to ensure it stands out. When it comes to this year branding trends, brands are trying to show a new side of their brand personalities by creating McCann agencies, ogilvy, Wolff Olins and messy layouts and quirky artworks. Also, they create their identities based on handwritten, unpolished logos and illustrations. Moreover, the Bauhaus movement is back in branding where designers use minimal geometric shapes which bring back retro designs as also nostalgia becomes a powerful force in branding. Some of the advertising and branding agencies that have interesting work are Pentagram. All these agencies and companies have created a unique, engaging, targeted and effective projects that’s why they stand out in the market. I am willing to join and get such experience in agencies in Egypt like fp7/McCann Cairo and others. I found that the portfolio of brand identity designers shows a small number of projects but the strongest ones that show their skills. In addition to walking the viewer into their process and concepts.




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