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Art by Julia Hanke

    Art by Julia Hanke

Branding is an important step in building an effective business growth. Branding includes all visual elements from the logos and colours to images used by the company. In just Good use of design and branding can create a connection in people’s mind that benefits companies. For example, according to studies, photos of people help to improve empathy since viewers feel a stronger connection to them. The use of imagery in marketing can catch 150 milliseconds average person can identify a symbol and 100 milliseconds later he is able to process a meaning to it. This process is much faster than recognizing a textual information. That’s why branding is important. considering your business. However, in the past few years marketing voices become more effective and much louder. Now consumers can people attention to continue and digital communication has changed completely. The consumers’ write about their experience and compare it with the experience of others which could affect the way they are perceived. In the field of designing brand identities there is a lot of competitions and communities who discuses projects of agencies, in house designers,
independent freelancers and students around the world. I found that their criteria of a good branding project are the strong focus on emotional branding which is creating brands that appeal directly to a customer’s emotional state, needs, and goals. In addition to the design and creativity that could be delivered to clients and give them advantage over their competitors.





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