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Art by Julia Hanke


Any designer must have some technical and soft skills in order to get hired and succeed in his field. When it comes to branding agencies and studios, I started to look through some of the hiring ads in my country. I find that they always look for advanced skills in Adobe graphic design softwares especially illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. In addition to a keen eye for details, problem solving, ability to express thoughts into words and images, basic knowledge of typography and finally designers should be able to understand and apply client brand guidelines. All of these aspects could be effectively shown in a designer portfolio. As portfolio should demonstrates the designer`s creative process using design software, basic design principles and strong collaboration and communication skills. Furthermore, agencies always in need for a designer who developed a good time management and a passionate self-motivated personality. Despite all of that one of the important aspects that I believe in is originality as Clara Mulligan, visual director at advertising agency Anomaly, said “I want to see people who are pushing the boundaries of design, not copying every pretty thing on the internet”. At the end I think a designer dream job is easily managed with the right combination of technical, soft skills and original creative work.







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